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Sonntag, 31. Mai 2009

Larger than life

Summertime on the banks of the Rhine
What an evening... Excelent weather, great light and beautiful company. I shot a bunch of pictures I'm very pleased with. One happy camper.
We met these skaters on the bank of the river. These guys where absolutely larger than life. First, there is this drop dead gorgeous on roller skates. Marvelous skating act, stunning looks. Needless to say me nor my camera had any chance to resist her. Sizzling hot! Please contact me, I'd like to do a photo shoot with you.
Any more of these moves and I would have traded my camera in for a pair of roller skates!
Then there is this guy on inline skates. He absolutely dwarfed the city behind him. What a presence. Speed, agility and incredible precision.
Notice the beautifull lighting we had on the scene. It doesn't come any better. More frames of this evening can be found on dot Mac.

It's time to take a nap now. More work has to be done in the photo loft tomorrow.

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Prince - Live 4 Love

Enjoy, and live your life with a dogged determination to complete fully whatever it is you're doing.


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