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Dienstag, 21. Juli 2009

itch - urge - whatever

I have to compensate for all the "documentary" style of photography I did last week. It's not that I want to, I have to, I'm having the itch, the urge, the whatever you want to call it. Rebel wants out.
I hope you like it. The art classes at the academy helped me to see more clearly where I want to go with my own photography. I don't think I want to shoot frames of grandma and grandpa on their way to church or having a cup of coffee in their livingroom. Hell no! I've become a big fan of Annie Leibovitz, Richard Mapplethorpe, Rankin and Olav Heine and hell, I even start to like Araki. That's the direction I want to go. I'm working on it.

on my iPod:
Jamie Cullum - Frontin'

Accentuate the positive, eleminate the negative, don't mess with nothing in between.

Love to all of you


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